Average difference of longevity between rich and poor is 19 years

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 10:30, Feb 24, 2020 | Updated : 12:11, Feb 24, 2020

A woman, accompanied by her daughters, is seen selling tea at her tea stall in a village in Bangladesh. PHOTO/UNDP BangladeshThe people with less income or average income lag behind in longevity than people with high income. A child who takes birth in a low income family has an average lifespan of 59 which is 78 for a child in a well off family.

The average difference of age of these two families is 19 years. This happens due to discrepancy in level of education, usage of life transforming technology etc.

A UNDP report published in Bangla on human development gave this information.

The report adds that due to improvement in lifestyle, many people have raised themselves from poverty which has had a positive impact on child mortality.

The report says in countries with high human development the percentage of primary education is 91 percent as opposed to 82 percent in nations with low human development index.

Around 600 million people are in extreme poverty which jumps to 1.3 billion if multi dimensional poverty indices are taken into account.

Around 260 million children are outside education, 5.4 million do not live up to five years and child death at home is still high in poor countries.

Planning Minister MA Mannan, said: “Bangladesh will be a middle income state by 2021 and we will need a fund of $ 50 to $ 100 million until 2030. One portion will be supplied by the government while the rest will come from development bodies.”

Director of child rights governance and child protection, Abdullah Al Mamun, observed: “The main reason for the difference of average age is malnutrition; they also live in unhealthy condition facing a variety of contagious diseases.”

Low income people get the government run inoculation services and cannot afford to get other jabs, he said, adding: “Whereas children from affluent families get all kinds of inoculation including breast Cancer and other ailments.”