BB heist probe facing other countries's non-cooperation

Amanur Rahman Roney
Published : 07:30, Feb 05, 2020 | Updated : 07:30, Feb 05, 2020

Commuters walk in front of the Bangladesh central bank building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sept 30, 2016. REUTERS/FILE PHOTOThough the investigation of the theft from the reserve of the central bank is done, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is unable to give a charge sheet since the Philippines, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka are not giving information of their citizens linked to the crime.
Consequently, the date of the charge sheet of the case is uncertain. CID has said that once the countries give information, the charge sheets can be given within three months.
CID officials say that the Bangladeshis linked to the theft have been identified and there may be some high officials of the central bank involved with the scam.
“We wanted information from several countries but they are not cooperating,” lamented an official.
CID’s special SP Mostafa Kamal, observed: “Many foreigners are linked to this and therefore, for full investigation the information of 4/5 countries will be needed; without the needed information, the charge sheet will be incomplete.”
The Philippines have said they will give information to Bangladesh after getting a nod from their judiciary. Earlier, a secretary level meeting was held with the Philippines in Dhaka.
Talks were also held between RCBC Bank of the Philippines and the central bank of Bangladesh.
On Feb 4, 2016, $101 million was stolen from Bangladesh Bank’s reserve at Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The money was stolen through five swift messages and of the amount, $ 20 million was brought back. But the rest is believed to have changed hands at the gambling table in the Philippines.
Joint director of accounts and budgeting of Bangladesh Bank lodged a case with Motijheel police on Mar 15, 2016 over the incident.