Work for parks will take more time to complete

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 06:00, Jan 14, 2020 | Updated : 06:00, Jan 14, 2020

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) began modernizing the Panthakunja Park in the capital on Sept 21, 2018, but despite the passing of one year and three months, the progress is only 15 percent.
The city corporation says that changes in the design were carried out for Metro Rail work and that’s why the park construction has been suspended. The Shaheednagar mini stadium faces the same fate. Though work began on Aug 13, 2017, only 5 percent progress has been made.
After Sayeed Khokon was elected mayor, modernizing of 19 parks and 12 playing fields was taken.
Though the initial cost was envisioned to be Tk 12 billion, with design changes, it has come to Tk 17 billion.
Of this allotment, 70 percent will be given by the government and 30 percent will be borne by DSCC.
DSCC’s project ‘Jal-Sabuje Dhaka' includes designs of 31 fields and parks which were created by Engineer Rafiq Azam and his team of 70 engineers.
Currently, work is underway to modernize the fields and so far, 62 percent work has been completed.
DSCC said that 95 percent of the project’s work will end during the tenure of Mayor Sayeed Khokon. The project will feature museums, libraries, gyms, green zones, public plaza, ladies corner, football facilities, water treatment plant, sitting area, butterfly collection, fountains, coffee corner, cricket net practice, food court etc.
Under the project, the work for Sikkatuli Park, Mayor Sayeed Khokon Park, Outfall staff quarter Shishu Park, Bashabo field, Rasulpur Park, Shahid Abul Alim playing field has been completed.
Around 62 percent work of 30 other parks and fields has been completed and the rest will have to be finished by the next six months.
DSCC’s Additional Engineer Asaduzzaman said: “The parks are being made following international standards; we could have completed on time but due to Metro Rail construction, some designs had to be changed and so, extra time will be needed.”
DSCC mayor Sayeed Khokon said: “Already, work for ten parks has been completed; five are open to the public. My tenure is till May 17 next and will carry on the work. The rest will be completed by my successor.”
Head of the designing team, engineer Rafiq Azam, has also expressed grievance about designs of the park.
He said: “It’s become our nature to work slowly; once we come out of this abominable culture, the city will change.”