Bangladeshi chef battles deportation from UK

Aditi Khanna, London
Published : 23:28, Jan 13, 2020 | Updated : 23:29, Jan 13, 2020

A Bangladeshi chef is battling deportation from the UK after a string of court cases involving a faulty sex offender charge for which the UK Home Office has since apologised and offered him compensation.
Saiful Islam. Photo via BBC

Saiful Islam arrived in the UK in 2003 on a work permit to work at a restaurant. But he had to file a complaint against the employer for exploitation and went on to change jobs.
However, his new work permit file got mixed up with others at the Home Office leading to errors and eventually as many as 18 court cases. The Home Office apologised to the 44-year-old, who lives in Cardiff in Wales, and offered £5,000 as compensation for the errors.
Last month, Judge Jackson agreed in the Upper Tribunal of the UK’s Immigration Chamber that multiple errors had taken place on the part of the Home Office. However, Islam’s application for leave to remain in the UK was turned down because issues with a work permit application made by another employer on Islam’s behalf in 2008 meant that he did not qualify for residency.
But Islam says he is determined to carry on his fight against being deported and accused the Home Office of not treating him humanely.
“I have lost so many years, I’ve lost my health, I’ve lost so much money. I’ll never get this time back but I’m determined to fight on,” he said.
The mistake with his Home Office documents only came to light after Islam fought a long battle to receive a copy of his file.
“I am looking for my residence status and fair compensation,” he said.
The chef has been fighting for his right to live and work in the UK since 2005. He was a victim of modern-day slavery by his previous employer, who allegedly beat him up and forced him to work 18 hours a day. He is in debt due to the multiple legal cases and wants an end to his over a 15-year battle for legal status in the UK in order to repay his creditors.