ACC probing graft allegations against ex-Pirojpur MP

Dipu Sarwar
Published : 00:03, Nov 15, 2019 | Updated : 00:04, Nov 15, 2019

Former Awami League lawmaker for Pirojpur-1 AKMA AwalFormer ruling party lawmaker for Pirojpur-1 AKMA Awal reportedly took ten percent commission from all government development work by the Water Development Board, Works Ministry and LGED.
It’s believed that he also took Tk. 8 million and $2000 during the construction of four cyclone shelters. Anti-Corruption Commission, ACC, has found information on him.
ACC deputy director Md. Ali Akbar has said that letters have been sent to thirty institutions, including banks, to get information about Awal’s accumulated wealth.
Awal is known as Mr. ten percent in Pirojpur and there are accusations of corruption against his wife Laila Parvin and elder son Abdur Rahman for possessing wealth beyond known sources of income.
Reacting to the allegations, Awal said that his political opponents have lodged accusations to smear his image.
“I was called to ACC and have given my account; they are looking into it.”
If they want, I will submit a wealth statement, he said.
ACC officials said that though former MP Awal gave a statement, he did not provide much cooperation.
The accusations against Awal include: 1. controlling all contracting work in Pirojpur through two companies Messrs Bushra Enterprise and Messrs Subhash Enterprise, 2. Controlling all government contracts, 3. Taking ten per cent commission for all work, 4. Unethical involvement in appointment of 764 members of the police force, 5. Involvement in around 2500 appointments at primary schools, 6. Cutting off the names of real freedom fighters from list since they could not give bribes, 7. Forceful occupation of land, houses, 8. Supporting renegade party candidates during upazila election and taking money from them, 9. Collecting toll from Bekutia Ferry ghat and Balashwar Bridge, 10. Supporting war criminal Delwar Hossain Sayedee in the 1996 elections etc.
After being elected in 2014, he was accused of demeaning party workers and activists; a large section of AL supporters took a position against Awal and he did not get a nomination in the national election of 2018.