Toll collecting at Nayabazar market before lease order is approved

Shahed Shafiq
Published : 03:00, Nov 07, 2019 | Updated : 03:00, Nov 07, 2019

Bangshal thana Chhatra League president Imran Hossain John has been accused of taking rent from the Nayabazar Nawab Yousuf Market even before getting the lease. Locals say that though he had given the highest bid, the city corporation has not given him a work order as yet.
Reportedly, he has also raised the rent. Imran however has denied the allegations.
City Corporation sources and locals say that efforts were made in the past for leasing tenders for the 10560 square feet Yousuf Market but the expected rate was never received.
Therefore, city-corporation used to run the market by taking tax. This year, a tender was called on 12 September for leasing and the government fixed price was Tk 15.59 million against a schedule price of Tk. 31,800.
Imran Hossain John became the highest bidder with Tk. 19.6 million. The work order to be given to him is awaiting the mayor’s approval.
Locals allege that even though the DCC work order has not arrived, Imran’s people have started to collect tax, the toll from the market.
The tolls have also been raised: Tk. 50 for vegetable shops, instead of Tk. 30, Tk. 500-800 for fish selling shops instead of Tk. 300.
Regarding these allegations, Imran Hossain John said: “The accusations are incorrect; since the market does not have the facilities for selling the Hilsa fish; we have asked the corporation to officially hand over the market to us when the fish arrives; against the bid we made, the monthly income has to be Tk. 2 million at the least and, without the Hilsa trade, this will not be possible.”