PBI to use sketch artists to sharpen probes

Jamal Uddin and Nuruzzaman Labu
Published : 01:30, Oct 21, 2019 | Updated : 01:30, Oct 21, 2019

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI)Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has asked for the services of 40 criminal sketch artists to speed up and ensure more efficient investigation into crime.

Adding a new dimension to official efforts to combat crime, these artists will draw faces of suspected criminals by gathering information from victims. A proposal has also been made to elevate the head of PBI from DIG to AIG rank.
The manpower proposal of the police headquarters is currently being assessed by the home ministry. The PBI has 2029 personnel.It came into limelight for successfully completing the investigation into the killing of Nusrat Jahan Rafi in Feni.
A proposal was made to raise existing staff strength to 7313 persons. It sopught the appointment of five DIGs, 65 more police supers, 98 additional special police supers, 8 police supers, 924 inspectors, 5 sergeants, 1029 sub inspectors and others.
The police do not have any post now under the category of criminal sketch artists. This has been created only for PBI.
The charge sheet of FeniNusrat killing was put up with appropriate sketches.
PBI head DIG Banaj Kumar Mazumdar, said: “We have a modern forensic lab which has a face identification system and, in this, an artist draws the picture of the culprit by listening to the description given by a victim. But the artist has to be very skilled for this work.”
Once such artists come on staff, there would be a revolutionary change in our investigation procedure, he added.