Passenger harassment case unresolved in 22 months

Saddif Ovee
Published : 03:00, Oct 16, 2019 | Updated : 14:16, Oct 16, 2019

Malindo AirAlmost two years have elapsed since the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, lodged a case against Malindo Airways for the harassment of a passenger. Even after four hearings, the issue has not been resolved.

The victim wants justice, whereas the airline wants compromise.

Executive director of Indonesia-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, Maimun Ur Rashid Mustafa bought a return ticket to Jakarta for Tk 26,500 on Nov 20, 2017.

His flight was on Dec 1 midnight and a day before the flight he got a confirmation email from Malindo.

On the day of travel, the flight was delayed by more than three hours. At this point, Maimun told the Malindo staff that for the delay, he would have a problem catching the connecting flight. However, the staff assured him.

Maimun was informed at 3am that the flight has been cancelled and the airline arranged for the passengers to stay in a mid-level hotel.

Maimun wanted to go home and since the airline car refused to drop him off, he took a ride using ride-sharing app.

The stress took a toll on his health and his blood pressure rose. In the morning, when Maimun called the airline desk at 9 they told him to come by ten.

At this time, he was told that the flight would depart at 12 noon and Maimun would have to check out from KL Airport with his luggage, which created a problem because Maimun did not have Malaysian visa.

The plane finally left at 5pm but Maimun missed the connecting flight and then was mistreated by airline staff.

Assistant director of the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection, Abdul Jabbar, said: “Malindo wanted to give a business class ticket to the passenger but only allotting ticket is hardly a compensation for the harassment suffered by Maimun.”

Usually such cases are resolved within one and a half months.

Abdul Jabbar said: “I will soon give a verdict on the matter; if the accusations are proved then there will be punishment otherwise the case will be dismissed.”