PBI adds new dimension to investigation

Jamal Uddin
Published : 02:00, Sep 09, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Sep 09, 2019

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has unravelled many cases which baffled other police units. As a result, the institute has earned people’s trust and respect within the force.
PBI has also brought in a new dimension to crime solving, hiring artists to help in getting an idea about a criminal from description by victims.
Head of PBI, DIG Banaj Kumar Mazumdar, says: “We try to add more dimension to our investigation; we take a dispassionate look at the victim and the criminal. The victim has a right to justice, but at the same time, the treatment towards the perpetrator must not be unjust either.”
“Our main strategy is investigation and more investigation and we also give priority to the visitor and listen to their narratives with care, whether that is right or concocted.”
Banaj Kumar observes: “PBI has the right to arrest and we only arrest those who will help us in cracking a case.”
For every arrest, advice of the investigating officer is taken first, said the DIG. “We have 50 units across the country and they help us in apprehending a criminal on the run.”
We also have a forensic lab to help us in our work, observed Banaj, adding: One feature is quarterly meetings on cases. Sometimes cases which have been gathering dust for years are also solved when we put our heads together.”
PBI sends experts to brief officials across the country over cases where mistakes have been committed, said the DIG.
Follow up is one of our main policies and there is a standing rule that any investigating officer may be called late at night to report on progress, said Banaj Kumar.
He also says that PBI has latest face identification equipment plus artists who, with the help of victims, create possible pictures of the criminal.
Saying that an artist has to be appointed to all units, he added: PBI attaches equal importance to digital and analogue systems.”
Regarding the investigation over Nusrat Killing, he said: “Since the case is in court, I cannot make any comment and will speak once the verdict is delivered.”