Why do police face the wrath of the public?

Udisa Islam
Published : 02:00, Aug 15, 2019 | Updated : 02:00, Aug 15, 2019

FILE PHOTOThough police have been asked to take preventive measures against mob beatings, they are often victims of public’s uncontrolled rage.
This happens because often, terrorists and thugs use the police as shields and, at other times, the police are perceived to be neglecting their duties, observe human rights workers.
Fearing mob violence, police are unwilling to perform their job. However, the police force says that often, members of the law enforcers face mob violence but they never back off.
As per newspaper source, three police personnel and their source faced mob violence on 26 August, 2018, in Natore when they allegedly tried to frame a farmer as a drug dealer.
On 13 June, two traffic police members were beaten by the public when they were manhandling a motorcycle rider for not handing over the demanded bribe.
Such news are regular and former executive director of Ain o Salish Kendra, ASK, Nur Khan, says: “police face violence because the terrorists have a grudge against the law and general people inadvertently attack the police while beating up thugs.”
Police members separated from their colleague during dispersing protest rallies often face violence, he added.
Professor of Mental Health Institute, Tajul Islam, said: “When people cannot protest, an indignation takes form which simmers and then erupts into violence.”
AIG (public relations) of the police headquarters, Sohel Rana, observes: “Sometimes, the incidents happen so suddenly that the police need time to control the situation; but they never run away from their responsibility.”
On other occasions, police come under attack by the relatives of a criminal and there have been situations when attempts were made to snatch away criminals from the hands of the law; but the police face each situation with determination, tenacity and patience, asserted the officer.