Priya Saha defends remarks made to Trump

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 19:06, Jul 21, 2019 | Updated : 22:42, Jul 21, 2019

Embattled rights activist Priya Saha has stood by her remarks made to the US president during a White House event on the alleged persecution of the minority in Bangladesh.
In a video posted on the social media on Saturday (Jul 20) by her organisation SHAREE, she referred to a study by Dhaka University teacher Abul Barkat, which found that 632 people disappear from Bangladesh every day.
She also commented on her controversial claim that 37 million people of minority groups have disappeared from the country.
An organising secretary of the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Saha attended a meeting at the White House in Washington on Jul 17.
She was seen telling President Donald Trump that 37 million people of minority groups have disappeared from Bangladesh.
In the video posted on YouTube on Sunday, Saha said Hindus now account for 9.7 percent of the total population, compared to 29.7 percent during the 1947 Partition, which means people have gradually left the country.
“What I meant is that the number of minority people has fallen gradually. My intention was not to make remarks on the government,” she said.
Saha praised Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her efforts to safeguard the vulnerable minority community and upholding secularism in Bangladesh.


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