Priya Saha’s comments are motivated: Home minister

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 13:36, Jul 20, 2019 | Updated : 15:37, Jul 20, 2019

Screenshot of a video of Bangladeshi minority leader Priya Saha speaking to US President Donald Trump, which went viral on social media on Friday (Jul 19, 2019).Priya Saha will be brought for her remarks to US President Donald Trump about the allegations she made about Bangladesh, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has said.

"We will certainly ask her (about the remarks) when she returns," said the minister.

Condemning her (Priya Saha) remarks the minister said there was an ulterior motive behind Priya Saha’s absolutely false and concocted stories that’s target was to malign Bangladesh.

In the video clip that went viral on social media on Friday (Jul 19), Priya Saha was heard telling US President Donald Trump that “Sir, I'm from Bangladesh. … 37 million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are disappeared. Please help us - for the Bangladeshi people. We want to stay in our country.”

“I’ve watched the video conversation between Priya Saha and Trump,” he told Bangla Tribune.

Kamal also said, there is a reason and motive behind her allegations which need to be properly scrutinised.

Priya Saha is one of the organising secretaries of Bangladesh Hindu-Bouddha-Christian Unity Council.