Forensic lab staff desolate as promised department has not materialised

Jamal Uddin
Published : 04:00, Jul 11, 2019 | Updated : 16:12, Jul 11, 2019

Around fifty staffers of the National Forensic DNA Profiling Laboratory have worked for 12 years though their jobs are not yet permanent. As a result, they are spending days in desolation. A law was passed in September 2014 to construct a DNA Laboratory Management headquarters but that hasn’t happened either.
The organisation also has many other problems though there aren’t any visible measures to address them.
The DNA profiling lab works to help in delicate cases involving rape, killing, determining motherhood and so on.
It’s operation began in 2006 at the Dhaka Medical College building and then transferred to the 11th floor of nuclear medicine building.
The DNA law was passed on Sept 22, 2014, to transform the lab into a department with a gazette declaration, though this has not seen the light of day as yet.
Consequently, jobs are not permanent and new appointments, as well as promotion, are stuck.
Worse still, from January 2017 till October 2017, workers did not get their monthly wages.
According to many, a sense of disillusionment exists among the workers now. Some have left their positions to join CID’s forensic lab, others have left the country.
From June 2006 till June 3013, samples of 2224 cases we tested here including, dead bodies of BDR mutiny, victims of Tazreen Fashion in Savar and Rana Plaza tragedy.
Dr Abul Hossain, a deputy secretary working as director of a multi-sectoral programme to prevent repression of women, says: “Work is underway to form a department; approval has come from the finance ministry and it will be formed soon.