DU study finds antibiotics in pasteurised milk

Dhaka University Correspondent
Published : 22:39, Jun 25, 2019 | Updated : 22:41, Jun 25, 2019

Researchers at the Dhaka University have found presence of antibiotics in pasteurised milk of seven widely sold brands as well as traces of detergent in non-pasteurised milk available in markets.
The study, jointly conducted by Dhaka University’s Pharmacy Faculty and Biomedical Research Centre, also found edible oil, spice powders, fruit juice, and ghee of some brands substandard.
A group of teachers at the Pharmacy Faculty conducted the tests on samples of these products at, Biomedical Research Centre Director and pharmaceutical technology teacher Professor ABM Faroque said while presenting the findings at a media call on Tuesday (Jun 25).
Levofloxacin and ciprofloxacin were found in all seven of the pasteurised milk brands tested, he said before adding azithromycin was found in six of the brands.
The seven milk brands tested in the research are Milkvita, Aarong, Farm Fresh, Pran, Igloo, Igloo Chocolate, and Igloo Mango.
Traces of detergent were found in one of the non-pasteurised milk brand while presence of formalin was detected in another.
Researchers also found fruit juice, ghee, edible oil, and spice powders of different brands failed in tests of BSTI-set condition.
Representational image Banned artificial sweetener cyclamate was found in all 11 fruit drinks tested in the study.
The study named the fruit juice brands tested but did not specify which were found substandard.
Sesame oil was found in ghee of eight brands in violation of BSTI standards.
Water and iodine were also found to be more than the expected levels, according to the researchers.
The eight are Aarong, Baghabari, Pran, Milkvita, Milkman, Somir, and two without any name.