OC Moazzem moved from place to place to evade arrest

Jamal Uddin & Nuruzzaman Labu
Published : 17:56, Jun 17, 2019 | Updated : 17:09, Jun 18, 2019

Moazzem Hossain, a former OC of Feni`s Sonagazi police.Twenty days after issuing the arrest warrant, former OC of Sonagazi thana was arrested by Shahbagh police on Jun 16. After the warrant from cyber tribunal was issued on May 27, he became a fugitive. At this time, the police raided his Rangpur residence but could not find hm.
From May 27 till Jun 10, he was at his aunt’s place in Kalyanpur but sensing arrest, scarpered.
In the last 20 days, he was in hiding with different friends and relatives on the belief that once the court opened after Eid holidays on Jun 16, he would get bail.
OC Moazzem’s phone was tracked and airports put on alert.
From Kalyanpur, OC Moazzem went to Chandina where his cousin Asaduzzaman is inspector. But the police were positioned in Chandina and OC Moazzem then left that place late on Jun 14.
Coming back to Dhaka, he stayed with a friend and, on Sunday, went to the High Court to get bail.
On Apr 6 last, a madrasa student, also a victim of sexual harassment, was set on fire by delinquents in Sonagazi.
Later, Nusrat died of her burn wounds at DMCH. Previously, Nusrat was questioned by OC Moazzem of Sonagazi thana over her allegations of sexual harassment by the madrasa principal, Siraj ud Doula. The police officer recorded the girl’s statement and then spread it via social media.
On Apr 15, prosecutor of the ICT, barrister Saedul Huq Sumon, lodged a case against Moazzem under the Digital Security Act and the court issued an arrest warrant on May 27.