The 52 food products banned by court

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 22:27, May 12, 2019 | Updated : 22:29, May 12, 2019

The High Court on Sunday ordered authorities concerned to immediately withdraw 52 food products from the market, which were found substandard by the test of Bangladesh Standard Testing Institution (BSTI).
Later in the day, the BSTI revealed the details on the products and the manufacturing companies at a media call at the commerce ministry at the Secretariat in Dhaka.
The standard testing authority said it collected samples of some 406 food products of 27 types and ran the tests. It then published the result of test on 313 products where 52 products were found substandard.

Teer Sarishar (Mustard) Tel (Oil) of City Oil Mill (Konapara, Gazipur); GB Sarishar Tel of Green Blessings Vegetables Oil Industries Limited (Rupganj, Narayanganj); Pusti Mustard Oil of Shabnam Vegetables Oil Industries Limited (Rupganj, Narayanganj); Rupchanda Mustard Oil of Bangladesh Edible Oil Limited (Rupganj, Narayanganj); Sun Chips of Kashem Food Products Limited (Konapara, Gazipur); Ara Drinking Water of Arra Food and Beverage Limited (Uttara, Dhaka); Al Safi Drinking Water of Al Safi Drinking Water (Chiriakhana Road, Mirpur, Dhaka); Mizan Drinking Water of Shahari and Brothers (15/3-1, Purba Rampura, Dhaka); Morn Dew Drinking Water of Morn Dew Pure Drinking Water (Section 11, Mirpur, Dhaka); Duncan Natural Mineral Water of Duncan Products Limited (20, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka); RR View Drinking Water of RR View Purified Drinking Water (151/1, Purba Sheorapara, Kafrul, Dhaka); Dighee Drinking Water of Dighee Drinking Water (Topkhana Road, Dhaka); Pran Lachchha Seemai (vermicelli) of Pran Agro Limited (Sapura, Rajshahi); Dudli Noodles of New Zealand Dairy Products BD Limited (Rupganj, Narayanganj); Testy, Tani, Taskia Soft Drink Powder of Shanta Products (Keraniganj, Dhaka); Priya Soft Drink Powder of Jahangir Food Products (Kamrangirchar, Dhaka); Danish Holuder Gura of Danish Food Limited (Kanchpur, Narayanganj); Pran Holuder Gura of Pran Agro Limited (Natore); Fresh Holuder Gura of Tanvir Food Limited (Megnaghat, Sonargaon, Narayanganj); ACI Pure Dhaniar Gura of ACI Food Limited (Sirajganj);

Pran Curry Powder of Pran Agro Limited (Natore); Danish Curry Powder of Danish Food Limited (Kanchpur, Narayanganj); Banolata Ghee of Banolata Sweets and Bakery (Mirpur, Dhaka); Pure Hathazari Maricher Gura of SS Consumer Products (Chattogram); Mistimela Lachchha Seemai of Mistimela Food Products (Firingibazar, Chattogram); Madhuban Lachchha Seemai of Madhuban Bread and Biscuits Industries Private Limited (Panchlaish, Chattogram); Mithai Lachchha Seemai of Mithai Sweets and Bakery (Jalalbad, Chattogram); Oil Food Lachchha Seemai of Oil Food and Beverage Company (Aturardepo, Sholoshohor, Chattogram); ACI Aydinjukta Laban of ACI Salt Limited (Rupganj, Narayanganj); Mollah Solt Aydinjukta Laban of Mollah Salt Industries (Char Syedpur, Narayanganj); King Maida of KR Food Industries Limited (Sitakunda, Chattogram); Rupsha Fermented Milk (Dai) of Rupsha Food Products (Eidgah, Chattogram); Makka Chanachur of Tayeba Food Products (Sadar, B-Baria); Mehedi Biscuit of Imtiaz Bread and Food Products (399, Asodganj Chattogram); Baghabari Special Ghee of Baghabari Special Ghee Company (380/B, Dakkhin Goran, Dhaka); Suji of M/S Nishita Foods (BSCIC Shilpanagari, Khadimnagar, Sylhet); Lachchha Seemai of M/S Madhuban and Products (BSCIC Shilpanagari, Gotatikar, Sylhet);

Holuder Gura of M/S Manzil Food and Products (BSCIC Shilpanagari, Gotatikar, Sylhet); Madhumoti Aydinjukta Laban of Madhumoti Salt Industries (Phultala, Khulna); Sun Holuder Gura of Sun Food (Kushtia); Greenlane Madhu of Greenlane Milk Product (Daulatpur, Khulna), Kiran Lachchha Seemai of M/S Kiran Products (Naogaon); Dolphin Maricher Gura and Dolphin Holuder Gura of M/S Abbas Ali Mudi Dokan (Saheb Bazar, Rajshahi); Surya Maricher Gura of M/S Rakib Store (Saheb Bazar, Rajshahi); Jedda Lachchha Seemai of M/S Jedda Food Industries (Katpatti, Sadar, Jhalakathi); Amrita Lachchha Seemai of M/S Amrita Food Products (Amritanagar, Pangsha, Babuganj, Barishal); Dada Supar Aydinjukta Laban of M/S New Jhalakathi Salt Mills (Araddarpara, Sadar, Jhalakathi); Tin Teer Aydinjukta Laban of M/S Quality Salt Industries (Fariapatti, Sadar, Jhalakathi); Madina, Star Ship Aydinjukta Laban of M/S Lucky Salt Industries (4, Manoharpatti, Sadar, Jhalakathi); Taj Aydinjukta Laban of M/S Taj Salt Industries (Station Road, Sadar, Jhalakathi) and Nur Special Aydinjukta Laban of M/S Nur Salt Industries (Faniapatti, Sadar, Jhalakathi).