Do not spread rumors: Police

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 22:37, Mar 30, 2020 | Updated : 22:38, Mar 30, 2020

Police have requested the mainstream media and social media users not to spread rumors about them by using old pictures of police beating up people.

“A racket is editing old pictures and videos (showing police are torturing the public), and re-posting those pictures on social media,” said a media release by police headquarters on Monday (Mar 30).

“A few news media are also publishing news relating to those old pictures of police beating up people. This is making the people of the country believe that the police are using brutal force against the citizens of the country at present.”

When asked about the overall situation, police headquarters clarified matters by stating that on the first day of the ten-day holiday, police did use force against people who had gone out of their homes without wearing masks. But when people complained about it, the force took action against the policemen responsible and since then no policemen had used any kind of force.

The police headquarters also said that the pictures that were being circulated on social media and news media dated back to 2011, where police were seen beating BNP supporters engaged in setting fire to vehicles and other objects.

The police claimed that a racket was involved in photoshopping the pictures and posting them on different social platforms to tarnish the image of the force.