Indira Gandhi bought gifts for Bangabandhu on his birthday

Udisa Islam
Published : 11:38, Mar 17, 2019 | Updated : 17:09, Mar 18, 2019

Mar 18, 1972. Dainik BanglaThe first birthday of Bangabandhu in an independent country was filled with activity. He shared his special day with his close friends and relatives in simple manner.

The newspaper of 1972 shows that the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited Bangladesh on Mar 17 and Bangabandhu was busy with the tour. The Indian PM also brought fruits and sweets for the Bangladeshi leader as gift.

Dainik Bangla’s paper on Mar 18 says that Bangabandhu’s 53rd birthday was celebrated and hundreds of supporters, admirers gathered at his residence at Dhanmondi road 32.

The paper reports that dismissing his birthday, Bangabandhu welcomed the masses with open arms. He was given a garland by the Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University Mozaffar Ahmed Chowdhury, Tofail Ahmed and the then student leaders.

Mar 18, 1972, Dainik Bangla.Together they prayed for his long life.

On his 47th birthday (Mar 17, 1967), Bangabandhu wrote in his diary that he never celebrates his birthday and the day is usually marked by a gift from his wife.

On his birthday, he tried to spend time at home.

He laughed when he found that the party was celebrating his birthday.

Archived newspaper scans: Courtesy International Crime Strategy Forum and Centre For Genocide.