Quick and sharp shopping

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Published : 17:58, Jun 15, 2018 | Updated : 18:23, Jun 15, 2018

Vegetables shopPeople of Bangladesh are waiting for Shawal’s crescent. Hope for tomorrow or day after tomorrow holy Eid day. So get ready for the last moment shopping. No, I am not talking about closets; it’s all about fish, meat, vegetable and others grocery.
1) Choose your menu first , make a list of your necessary items, then go to the bazaar
2) While you are buying beef of mutton- don’t move from butcher’s shop. Select your meat pieces by your own
Meat Shop3) Check the weight while packing. There are many types of cuts, ask them to cut the meat according to your order.
4) Choose your vegetable by your own; don’t buy the green fresh peas, because this is not the season of peas. It is dry peas with color.
Fish Shop5) Vegetable need a few more attention. Select fresh one for your family. It is high time of shopping so careful.
6) Make a list of your necessary groceries then give it to shop keeper, you just check the weight and item.
Hope this Eid will bring enormous happiness for you. Be cool and enjoy good food and fresh food.