Hasina, a daughter’s tale: Not the story of a PM

Mahmood Manzoor
Published : 20:37, Sep 28, 2018 | Updated : 10:10, Sep 29, 2018

A Screengrab from the Trailer `Hasina, a daughter’s tale`/CRIBangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman holds a very special place in the hearts of Bangladeshis and people have clamoured for a documentary about the iconic leader for years. However, they have been disappointed so far.

The yearning for a film depicting Bangabandhu’s life story was so great that people almost never expected a film to be made about his daughter.

Filmmakers, however, surprised people with the trailer of a biopic named ‘Hasina, a daughter’s tale’ which was released on Friday (Sept 28) on the occasion of the prime minister’s 72nd birthday.

The seventy-minute biopic, depicting the eventful life of the three-time premier is set to make its way to the silver screen in December.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her sister Sheikh Rehana, a moment during shooting. /CRI.The documentary which has been jointly produced by Awami League’s Center for Research and Information (CRI) and Applebox Films has been directed by Rezaur Rahman Khan Piplu while Sadique Ahmed was in charge of the cinematography.

 “The shooting is over. The film is now undergoing editing,” said the director, Rezaur Khan Piplu.

“Hasina, a daughter’s tale is the product of five years of hard work,” he added.

The director told Bangla Tribune that there were no initial plans to make a biopic.

Another shooting moment of the docufilm. /CRI.“All we wanted to do was document bits and pieces of the PM’s personal activities but soon realized that something extraordinary can be made out of this,” he said.

According to Piplu, their sole target was to string together snippets of never heard stories and little moments of Sheikh Hasina’s life.

The director said that as a nation we have a lot to be proud of from these stories, adding “If you see this film as the life story of a prime minister, you will be very much disappointed and I will, no doubt fail as a director.” Director Rezaur Rahman Khan Piplu

Piplu has termed the film to be a bittersweet father-daughter film that will make the viewers laugh as well as shed tears at moments depicted in the documentary. 

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will appear in this documentary sometimes as a daughter, a mother, a sister and at other times as the leader of a nation.

“Being able to portray her like this is my biggest accomplishment as a director,” said Piplu.

The promising trailer itself has gone viral in social media.

 “To be honest I am holding my breath for the PM’s reaction. She is busy right now but I am sure she would have weighed in by now if she was here,” the director said when asked about the PM’s reaction.

Watch the trailer below: