Hasan rules out US human rights report

Staff Correspondent, Chattogram
Published : 20:30, Mar 13, 2020 | Updated : 20:35, Mar 13, 2020

Ruling out the findings published on a US state department report over the human rights situation in Bangladesh, Information Minister Hasan Mahmud terms it as “unilateral and unacceptable.”
“Actually the world citizens also need and have right to know about the human rights situation in USA,” Hasan said while addressing a party meeting at Rangunia in southeastern district Chittagong on Friday (Mar 13).
On Wednesday (Mar 11), the state department of the USA has published a report, which outlines aspects of human rights in Bangladesh.
“Those organizations, whose information and statistics have been used in the report, have lost acceptance of Bangladeshi people,” Hasan said before mentioning the “previous unilateral reports” published by the body.
“Over a hundred people died from different causes in the USA on Jan 1. Many causalities in that country are reported as law enforcers’ shooting. Many people are arrested without warrants,” he said.
He also claimed that such reports of the USA have “lost acceptability worldwide.”