16th span of Padma Bridge to be installed Tuesday

Munshiganj Correspondent
Published : 11:54, Nov 19, 2019 | Updated : 12:01, Nov 19, 2019

The 16th span of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge on its 16rd and 17th pillarsThe 16th span of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge is scheduled to install on Tuesday (Nov 16) near Mawa point by noon.
“With the installation of the 16th span on its 16rd and 17th pillars, the construction work of 2,400 meters of the country’s largest bridge, will be completed so far,” Humayun Kabir, assistant engineer of Padma Bridge (main bridge) said.
According to the engineer, the 150-meter long '3-D' span was taken near the pillars by a floating yard 'Tian-E' from Mawa Kumarbhog Construction Yard.
“However, the transfer of the 16th span of the bridge was fast as the distance between the pillars and the construction yard is short,” Kabir said.
“Unless the weather interferes, the span will be installed by noon,” he assured.
The state-funded 9.83km bridge will cost approximately Tk 301.93 billion for construction.
The Padma bridge started becoming visible with the installation of a 150-metre span on pillars 37 and 38 on Oct 30, 2017.
Work on the country's largest bridge started in December 2015.
The 6.15-kilometre bridge will have a total of 41 spans, each 150 metres long.