Allegations of irregularities in Khulna govt housing project

Hedait Hossain, Khulna
Published : 06:00, Nov 18, 2019 | Updated : 06:00, Nov 18, 2019

In Khulna, under the ‘house on own land’ project, Tk 100,000 was allotted for each home but it’s learnt that between Tk 700,000 – Tk 800,000 was spent for such construction! Citing specific irregularities, a letter has been sent to the district administration by contractor Sardar Khan Asabur Rahman.
His accusations cover alleged malpractices such as making false bills, non-payment of workers’ wages and unethical allotment of rooms to government party members etc.
But Dumuria UNO, Shanaz Begum, has denied the allegations. Contractor Asabur built 399 houses under the Asrayan project-2 in 2017-2019. For each home he made a deal for Tk 14,000 and as per this calculation the payment for 399 hoses came to Tk 5.59 million.
UNO asked him to sign a voucher, stating Tk 17,000 for each home which Asabur refused to do and, reportedly, faced threats. Later, he was given Tk 4.99 million short of Tk 600,000.
The contractor claims that the rest of the money was not given since he did not sign the vouchers. To pay the workers, he had to sell his home and motorcycle. To get the remaining money, he asked for the help of the district administration.
Mizanur Rahman, a resident of the upazila got a house and said: “Since I am AL’s publicity secretary, I got a house but i'm not satisfied with its quality.”
“The tin is good but the other items are of low standard; water seeps in during rain and the plaster on the floor comes off.”
Contractor Asabur says: “All materials were purchased by the government officials.' He refused to comment on the quality of the building materials.”
UNO Shahnaz Begum adds: “When the contractor completes his delivery, he will be given the rest of the money; we have full account of the transaction with Asabur.”
The allegations of vouchers with excess amount were concocted and driven by malice, she added.
“For each house, Tk 100,000 was allotted and that was spent; we have vouchers to prove that."