Bogura-Sirajganj rail line work depends on inspector appointment

Nazmul Huda, Bogura
Published : 06:00, Nov 09, 2019 | Updated : 06:00, Nov 09, 2019

Since inspectors have not been appointed, the laying of the Bogura-Sirajganj duel gauge rail line is halted.
Chief engineer of railways western part, Masudur Rahman, says: “Inspectors may be appointed in the next 4-5 months and after other formalities are over, construction may begin within the next one and a half years.”
Since there isn’t a direct rail line between Bogura-Sirajganj, trains have to take a detour of 120 km through Natore and Ishwardi in Pabna. BY train, the Bogura Dhaka distance is 405 km; without traffic jams, the bus ride is five hours whereas by train, it takes 10-12 hours. Once the Bogura-Sirajganj railway is constructed, at least three hours of journey time will be saved.
The project was approved in 2005 and with financing from Asian Development Bank (ADB), a survey was carried out for land acquisition but due to the opposition of an influential BNP transport businessman, the plan faltered. In 2011, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a pledge at a rally in Sirajganj to construct the Bogura-Sirajganj railway.
Under the agreement signed with India in 2017 to improve communication and infrastructure, the Indian government agreed to give loan for the project. This was followed by project finalization, designing, location of rail stations and price of land.
The total rail line is 84 km long. The Ranirhat junction will be constructed about 8 km from Bogura. A proposal has been made to acquire 960 acres of land. Of this, 510 acres will be in Bogura for the 52 km rail line and 450 in Sirajganj for the 32 km line.
The project was approved at the ECNEC on Oct 30, 2018 and since India will finance the project, they will also provide an adviser, who may be appointed in the next 4-5 months.
Work may begin from mid 2021.