Rickshaw-puller kills passenger for money in Hili

Hili Correspondent
Published : 16:52, Aug 19, 2019 | Updated : 16:58, Aug 19, 2019

Rickshaw puller Raju OraoHili police arrested Raju Orao, a rickshaw-puller, who strangulated and killed a woman, Sharmin Akhter, 22 for money. Police recovered Sharmin’s bag and identity from Raju’s home.

Sharmin is from a village in Hili and used to work in a garment factory in Dhaka. Raju says: “I took a loan of Tk 30000 from Grameen Bank to buy a rickshaw and the weekly instalment is Tk 850, which was a burden; when I saw the girl on Friday morning with a bag, I thought she is carrying money.”

I took her to a road which does not have CCTV cameras and then to take the bag strangulated her, added Raju.

Sharmin`s bag recovered from Raju Orao`s houseOC of Hakimpur thana, Anwar Hossain, says: “Sharmin came to Hili on a bus and took a rickshaw driven by Raju. The rickshaw-puller took to a road without cameras and then strangulated her; to ensure her death, he pressed her head into the mud and left. With the help of local people and footage from other areas through which the rickshaw moved initially from the bus station, we managed to identify Raju.”

Sharmin’s father has lodged a murder case at the local police station.