Minni’s lawyer in MP’s room!

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 11:32, Jul 21, 2019 | Updated : 11:33, Jul 21, 2019

Rifat Sarif`s wife Ayesha Siddiqa Minni was produced in Barguna Senior Judicial Magistrate court on Wednesday (Jul 17).Ayesha Siddika Minni’s lawyer, Advocate Mahbubul Bari Aslam, has had a personal meeting with Borguna-1 MP, Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu.

Minni’s father, Mozammel Hossain Kishore, has been accusing Shambhu from the beginning of trying to influence the case. Kishore has criticized the meet between the MP and the lawyer.

On the night of Jul 20, lawyer Mahbubul Bari Aslam, was seen at the personal law chamber of Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu. At that time, the president of the Borguna Bar, Abdur Rahman Nantu, was with him.

One day earlier, Minni’s father, Mozammel Hossain Kishore, had said: “my daughter risked her life to save her husband; is that her crime? All this is the ploy of the local MP, Shambhu, who is trying to save his son, Sunam Debnath.”

Reportedly, at around 9:45 pm, president of the Borguna Lawyers’ Association, Abdur Rahman Nantu, and general secretary, Mahbubul Bari Aslam, were seen at the office of the MP.

Shambhu’s son, Sunam Debnanth, and additional public prosecutor, Akteruzzaman Bahadur were present. Once everyone was in the room, it was locked. 

At that time, Dulal Sharif, father of killed Rifat Sharif, was also outside the room; at 9:53, Sunam Debnath came out of the room and reportedly whispered something in Dulal’s ears.

Later, around 10:15, Minni’s lawyer, Mahbubul Bari Aslam, bar president Abdur Rahman Nantu and additional public prosecutor of Borguna, Akhtaruzzaman Bahadur left the MP’s office.

Mahbubul Bari Aslam, said over phone: “this was just a courtesy call.”

Meanwhile, Minni’s father has said: “her lawyer cannot go to meet the MP under any circumstances.”

The MP Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu observed: “they came for tea!”

On 26 June morning, Rifat Sharif was hacked and grievously injured in front of Borguna College; at that time, his wife Ayesha Siddika Minni tried in vain to stop the attackers. Later, Rifat died in hospital.

In this incident, Rifat’s father, Dulal Sharif, lodged a case accusing 12 persons. Police has arrested 8 persons mentioned in the case and 7 others under suspicion.