Better breakfast at prisons

Keraniganj Correspondent
Published : 16:22, Jun 16, 2019 | Updated : 16:24, Jun 16, 2019

Prison breakfastHome Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has inaugurated new breakfast menu for inmates of the Dhaka Central Jail, Keraniganj.

At the inauguration on Sunday (Jun 16), he said, “Keeping the health and nutrition of the inmates in mind, the current government has changed the menu.”

Since colonial times, inmates were allotted 116.64 grams of wheat bread and 14.58 grams of molasses; the prisoners under trial were allotted 87.48 grams of wheat bread and 14.58 grams of molasses which is inadequate.

From now on, vegetable and bread will be given four days a week, halua and bread on one day and vegetable kedgeree on two days.

“Inmates are being trained on 38 skills in the prison to ensure that they are able to earn a livelihood after being released from prison,” said the home minister.