Another frustrated farmer sets paddy plants ablaze

Tangail Correspondent
Published : 18:01, May 14, 2019 | Updated : 18:02, May 14, 2019

Another farmer in Tangail has set his paddy field on fire in protest against low price.
The incident on Monday (May 13) was reported from the central district’s Basail Upazila.
“A harvesting labour costs Tk 1,000 while a maund [37.32kg] of paddy is being sold at Tk 500. Besides, that rice blast hit my crops and despite informing the local agriculture office repeatedly they didn’t do anything,” the farmer, Nazrul Islam, said.
The local agriculture extension office said they were aware of the incident.
“I have visited the spot. The farmer did it out of frustration,” Upazila Agriculture Extension Officer Rupali Khatun said.
On Sunday (May 12), a farmer in the same district’s Kalihati Upazila set his paddy plants ablaze.
“The pain [of low price] led me to set fire to ripe paddy,” the farmer, Abdul Malek Shikder, told local reporters.