Jashore board postpones SSC ICT exam

Jashore Correspondent
Published : 13:51, Feb 12, 2019 | Updated : 16:13, Feb 12, 2019

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) examination of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) under Jashore board has been cancelled following printing mistakes in the question paper.

“The mistakes were spotted after examinees started taking the test after 10am on Tuesday (Feb 12), said Jashore Education Board Examination Controller Madhab Chandra Rudra.

An examinee, Koushik Tahsan, at Jashore Preparatory High School examination centre, said, “The multiple choice phase of ICT exam started at 10am on Tuesday (Feb 12). We got the ‘gha’ set question paper which had ICT based questions in the first page and Career Education questions in its opposite page. After 20 minutes, the exam invigilators took away the question papers after spotting the printing mistakes.”

“This happened because of the mistake made by BG Press,” said Madhab Chandra Rudra.

The fresh date of the examination will be informed later, added Rudra.