Hindu idols vandalized in Gazipur

Gazipur Correspondent
Published : 13:00, Oct 09, 2018 | Updated : 13:05, Oct 09, 2018

Hindu idols vandalized in Gazipur`s Sreepur Upazila on Monday night.Miscreants have vandalized seven idols at two temples in Gazipur’s Sreepur Upazila.
The incident took place on Sunday night at the Upazila’s Sonabo Kalibari Bottola Durga Temple and Gobinda Temple, said Sreepur police OC Jabedul Islam.
“The perpetrators vandalised three idols at Durga Temple and four at Gobinda Temple,” said Sonabo Kalibari Botola Durga Temple president Badal Chandra.
“The temples were locked and security men were not present there. We noticed the incident on Monday noon and informed local representatives and Sreepur police,” he added.
OC Jabedul Islam said that they are looking into the incident.