Flower market is worth Tk 16b

Golam Mowla
Published : 02:30, Feb 15, 2020 | Updated : 02:30, Feb 15, 2020

The country now boasts a Tk 16 billion flower market with flowers being grown on 6,000 hectares of land. Farmers are growing Tuberose, Rose, Gladiolus, Gypsy and other flowers.
President of Bangladesh Flower Society, Abdur Rahim, says: “Flowers produced locally meet the demands but some also come from overseas.”
Flower Society says that this year demand for roses may exceed 5 million on Valentine’s Day.
As per the organization, flowers worth Tk 2 billion have been sold around Valentine’s Day and the first day of spring.
Executive director of Policy Research Institute (PRI) Ahsan Monsur, said that flower market will expand since this market has had a positive impact on economy.
The market will expand as people’s income rises, he added.
There are 600 flower shops in the capital but for Valentine’s Day, many engage in flower trade for a short while. Demand for flowers rise for Jan 1, spring festival, Valentine’s Day on Feb 14, Language Day on Feb 21, Independence Day on Mar 26, Bengali New year on Apr 14 and Victory Day on Dec 16.
The highest demand is for local roses.
In 2016-2017, flowers were grown on 2,034 hectares of land and another 1,000 hectares were added to this in 2018-2019.
President of Flower Society, Abdur Rahim, said: “We want a policy on flower export and support from government.”
Farmers also demand the stoppage in the export of plastic flowers since this has an adverse impact on flower trade.