Height of coal-fired power plants chimneys to be reduced

Shanchita Shitu
Published : 04:00, Jan 24, 2020 | Updated : 04:00, Jan 24, 2020

Electricity production in Payra Thermal Power Plant goes in test-run on Monday (Jan 13). The picture was taken on Jan 13, 2020.The government has taken a decision to reduce the height of chimneys for coal run power plants. The previous rule of 275-metre chimney has been changed to 220 metres.
However, in areas where there is possibility of environmental pollution, the height remains 275 metres. In Sunderbans and adjacent areas, the height will be 275 whereas in others it will be 220.
Along with reducing height of chimneys, Flu Gas Desulfurisation, FGD, has to be constructed.
Power Secretary Sultan Ahmed said, “In areas with risks of ecological disaster, the height will remain the same. A gazette in this regard will be issued soon.”
At the moment, big coal run power plants are being constructed in Bagerhat, Patuakhali, Borguna and Cox’s Bazar and of them, the work for Pyra is over with work ongoing at Rampal and Matarbari.
Pyra’s 1320 megawatt plant has been started as a pilot and pollution is being controlled by FGD.
The cost has been much more than chimneys though pollution has been brought down considerably.
Flu gas means emission of nitrogen di oxide, sulphar di oxide, carbon di oxide etc.
A power department official says that the coastal areas are prone to cyclone and 275-metre chimneys face the danger of breaking.
As per the plans of the power department, by 2030 coal will be the fuel for 10 thousand megawatt power plants. To run such plants, at least 33 million tonnes of coal will be needed. In that account, for 10 thousand megawatt, 90 thousand metric tonnes of coal will be needed.

Burning such a high volume of coal will have adverse impact in ecology and efforts are being taken to minimize environmental damage.