Prices of rice, edible oil increase

Bilkis Irani
Published : 04:00, Jan 19, 2020 | Updated : 04:00, Jan 19, 2020

Prices of rice and edible oil increased in Dhaka's kitchen markets in the past week NASHIRUL ISLAM/File PhotoPrices of rice and edible oil increased in Dhaka's kitchen markets in the past week, while prices of some vegetables decreased.
Traders from Rampura, Malibgh and Shukrabad in the city’s kitchen market said the prices of fine varieties of Miniket rice went up by Tk 2-4 per kilogram due to lack of supply in the market.
Fine Miniket rice was retailing at Tk 55-60 per kg, while its coarse variety retailed at Tk 50-52 per kg.
Retail price of non-packed soybean oil also went up by Tk 2 per litre as refiners increased the wholesale price of the edible oil.
Non-packed soybean oil retailed at Tk 90-96 a litre on Saturday.
Rahmat Ullah, a retailer at Malibagh kitchen market, said a one-litre bottle of soybean oil retailed at Tk 110 which was Tk 100-105 previously.
A five-litre container retailed at Tk 515-520, which was Tk 500-510 earlier.
Vegetable prices slightly decrease
As the supply of vegetables increased during winter season, prices of most vegetables decreased by Tk 5 to Tk 10 per kg.
Cauliflowers retailed at Tk 30 apiece, cabbage Tk 35 apiece, radish Tk 25 per kg, beans Tk 40-50 a kg, tomato Tk 50 a kg, green chilli Tk 60-80 a kg, aubergine Tk 60 a kg, cucumber Tk 50 a kg, carrot Tk 40 a kg, newly-harvested potato Tk 30 a kg and lemon at Tk 20 for four pieces.
Sukkor Ali, a retailer at Rampura kitchen market, said only the prices of bitter gourd sold at Tk 60-70 per kg, a little higher than other vegetables.
The local variety of onion retailed at Tk 110-120 a kg, while onion imported from China and Egypt sold for Tk 60-70 a kg and ones from Pakistan at Tk 100 per kg.
Prices of fish remained unchanged in the city markets.
Rohita sold for Tk 250-350 a kg and Katla for Tk 250-350 a kg depending on their size and quality. Pangas was selling for Tk 140-180 a kg and Tilapia for Tk 120-160 a kg.
Shamima Siddiki from Malibagh, said prices of most vegetables were reasonable now compared to the last few weeks.
"But I think the price of all food items should decrease more as many people like us are from middle and lower income groups," she added.