Tax cards to win special privileges to recipients

Golam Mowla
Published : 07:30, Nov 12, 2019 | Updated : 07:30, Nov 12, 2019

Taxpayers submitting tax returns at a tax circle office in the capital, as the last date for return submission for individual taxpayers ends on Dec 2, 2018. FILE PHOTOThe National Board of Revenue (NBR) has published the list of best tax payers who will be given tax cards.
This time, 74 persons, 57 companies have been listed and 141 tax cards will be given. From every city-corporation and district, three highest tax payers, two longest paying tax payers, a woman and a young tax payer have been selected.
The tax cards will be handed over by finance minister, AHM Mustafa Kamal. To select best tax payers, a committee checks out different categories following procedures in the national tax card policy 2010 (amended).
NBR member Kalipad Halder said: “First, best tax payers are selected and a list is sent to the NBR by May 15; NBR fixes the policy based on which the list is made.”
A tax card nomination committee is formed, led by NBR member (tax administration and human resources) and on the recommendations of the committee, cards are given.
The committee has NBR members from different disciplines such as tax policy, taxes legal enforcement, tax appeal, waiver, tax commissioner, representatives of the home ministry, VAT and a member from FBCCI.
A letter is written to the Bangladesh Bank to ascertain if the selected person is a loan defaulter or, if there is a criminal case against him/her.
When the committee makes the recommendations, a no objection statement is taken from the recipients.
If a person fails to pay tax within a stipulated time, s/he is not considered for the tax card. The same procedure is followed if the person is embroiled in an unresolved legal case.
If the tax payer is given a sentence then s/he will only be considered after five years from the end period of the sentence.
Those holding tax cards will be invited to all city corporation events and get preference in buying tickets for planes, trains and launches. They and their relatives will get special privilege at hospitals, be able to use the VIP lounge and get priority in booking five star hotels.
The card has to be submitted within one week of expiry to the NBR. NBR can also withdraw the card showing a cause. Of the tax cards recipients this year, five are journalists.