Recommendations made to tackle energy crisis in industrial sector

Shanchita Shitu
Published : 00:12, Nov 08, 2019 | Updated : 00:13, Nov 08, 2019

The committee for dealing with power and energy issues has recommended 24 hour power supply to industries along with seven other suggestions.
Convener of the committee, Subir Kishore Chowdhury, and chairman of Bangladesh Energy and Power Research Council (EPRC), has submitted a report to the power department.
In the report, emphasis was put on the establishment of factories in specific areas. The government has built infrastructure at the export processing zones.
Efforts are underway to provide uninterrupted power to these factories. On Oct 14 last, the EPRC had a seminar with business representatives where members from Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA), Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and others were present.
After the seminar, state minister for power and mineral resources, Nasrul Hamid, said: “A permanent committee will be formed to deal with energy-related issues.”
The recommendations of the committee are: 24-hour gas supply to industries, (as against the 16 hour supply, gas connection to the captive power plant at present) and the use of sustainable energy technology, incentives to be provided to captive power plants, the introduction of Electronic Gas Volume Character, EVC, encouraging entrepreneurs to establish industries within new economic zones, etc.
The report stated that once these were implemented, the industrial sector would not have any problems in the future.