Thirty megawatt wind power project in Feni

Shanchita Shitu
Published : 06:00, Nov 07, 2018 | Updated : 17:36, Nov 07, 2018

Indian company, Wind Energy Private Limited, will be constructing a 30 megawatt wind power centre in Sonagazi, Feni. This will be the first windmill of such proportions. The capacity of previous windmills is less than one megawatt.
India has established a 27000 megawatt windmill along her coast and a recent survey shows that there is a huge possibility of a 10 thousand megawatt windmill along the coast of Bangladesh.
Joint secretary of the power department, Md. Alauddin, said that the proposal was recently approved by the PM and has been sent to be approved by the government’s purchase committee.
Work order will be given once it’s approved by the purchase committee and then Power Development Board, PDB, will sign a contract with the Independent Power Project (IPP).
A total of 15 windmills will be placed for the 30 megawatt centre with each producing 2 megawatt electricity.
An official of the renewable energy division of the power department says that cost for each unit of electricity will be 11.1 Cent, which is lower than power produced through solar and oil.
“The cost will come down considerably if production is increased.”
The wind force in the coastal areas of Bangladesh is 5-6 metres per second and specialists feel this can be used.
Power secretary, Dr. Ahmed Kaikaus, says: “European countries are tilting towards renewable energy with India adopting a 32000 megawatt wind production project.”
Specialists feel that if the 30 megawatt project is successful then many in Bangladesh will come forward to produce wind based power.
Indian renewable energy ministry website shows the production cost of wind power to be Rs. 2.44 or three Cents. This is Tk. 2.52 in Bangladesh currency, which means that cost of producing wind based power in India is lower than gas based power in Bangladesh.