Bangabandhu satellite revives local V-Sat bodies

Hitlar H Halim
Published : 10:55, Jan 02, 2019 | Updated : 11:18, Jan 03, 2019

Launch of Bangabandhu Satellite 1. Bangla Tribune/File PhotoThe moribund Very Small Aperture Terminal, V-Sat companies are seeing a resurgence, thanks to the Bangabandhu-1 satellite. Three V-Sat agencies are waiting to begin work.

BTV, Sangsad Bangladesh, DBC News, Independent TV, NTV, Ekattor TV, Bijoy TV and Baishakhi are using Bangabandhu-1 satellite link.

From March next, Bangabandhu-1 will begin transmission with satellite.

Chairman of Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) Dr Shahjahan Mahmud said, “After sending the satellite to space, our progress is satisfactory, the Bangabandhu satellite has expanded new fields and will revive the V-Sat from doldrums.”

It’s found that from now on, as per a BTRC decision, usage of Bangabandhu-1 satellite will be made mandatory to get new TV licence.

Currently, TV companies have to go to the ministry for licence, while BTRC gives wavelength. From now on, to take wave length from BCSCL, approval from BTRC will be essential.

Meanwhile, BCSCL has made agreements with three sales partners, Square, ADN and DNS Satcom.

These three will work to market various facilities of the Bangabandhu satellite.

Rafel Kabir, Managing Director of DNS Satcom limited, said, “Market has opened and people will know that V-Sat is not just illegal Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).”

As sales partner of Bangabandhu satellite, DNS Satcom will use V-Sat to provide Internet service, telemedicine, distant learning, data connectivity to remote areas, chars, Chitmohol and others places.