Colours of World Cup in picture

Nasirul Islam from Moscow
Published : 00:14, Jun 15, 2018 | Updated : 00:22, Jun 15, 2018

Russia has turned into a country of festival as curtain of the 2018 FIFA World Cup opened on Thursday. The month-long mega event began with the host country taking on Suadi Arabia at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. People were seen celebrating all across the Moscow. Banla Tribune Senior Photo Journalist Nassir Islam captured the colourful moments of celebration.
Fans are seen celebrating as they join the World Cup event.
The way on how she celebrates, draw attention to others.
Fans of hot favourite Brazil are seen cheering with replica of World Cup trophy.
A fan of Argentina poses for picture with several masked men.
Thousands of people throng the Moscow city to be the part of World Cup.
Security has been heightened across Russia.
A band group performs on a Moscow street to receive the thousands of tourists.
This fan of Argentina is overjoyed after a young child draws on his hand.
Fans of Saudi Arabia gather before the opening match begins.
Fans take a unique way to support their teams.
Fans of Mexico are seen cheering on Moscow streets.
This young boy has the Russian flag drawn on his cheek.