Dr Kamal’s pressure to renounce Jamaat

Salman Tareque Sakil and Aditto Rimon
Published : 14:10, Jan 14, 2019 | Updated : 14:11, Jan 14, 2019

Dr Kamal Hossain during announcement of Jatiya Oikya Front`s polls manifesto in a media call on Dec 17, 2018. BANGLA TRIBUNE/Nashirul IslamDr Kamal Hossain has made a call to BNP to leave an alliance with Jamaat e Islami. He also hinted that if BNP did not leave the association with a party accused of war crimes then the Jatiya Oikya Front may face existential crisis. 

On Sunday (Jan 13), Dr Kamal Hossain said, “I will not be in an alliance which features Jamaat.”

Several BNP central committee members feel that Dr Kamal Hossain’s statement has created a sense of mystery.

Some say that since he had always been against Jamaat, he wanted to clarify his position.

Others feel that within BNP there is tacit support for what Dr Kamal had said.

Meanwhile, Oikya Front steering committee member, Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury, told Bangla Tribune, “He has said the right thing and now BNP has to take a decision.”

He wants to go to parliament with BNP’s six and two Gono Forum members.

A central leader of Gono Forum said that due to alliance with Jamaat, many neighbouring countries look at BNP with suspicion and to go beyond that negative perception, BNP has to leave Jamaat.”