Emergency dept at Mitford a complete shambles

Taskina Yeasmin
Published : 14:39, Jul 13, 2018 | Updated : 15:27, Jul 14, 2018

Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital (Emergency Department). BANGLATRIBUNE/Sazzad HossainThe emergency department at Sir Salimullah Medical College Hospital, popularly known as Mitford Hospital, is a complete shambles.
Emergency patients have to wait one hour to see the doctors and no observation room or operation theatre or generator facility is available at the department.
Hasna Ara Begum recently went to the department to get emergency service and had to wait one hour to see the doctor.
Another patient Abdur Rahim said, “Earlier they used to take good care of the patient, but now they have completely stopped that.”
Pointing out at the operation theatre, he said, “They used to give treatment to the injured patient there. But now no doctors or nurses are appointed for that.”
Admitting the allegations, Hospital Director Brian Bankim Haldar told Bangla Tribune, “I am not satisfied with the service at the emergency department. We have limitations.”
He claimed that in the emergency department one doctor has to attend 300 to 400 patients and it is practically impossible to provide satisfactory service.
“You are only talking about lack of service but you don’t anything about too many patients,” he lamented.