SB officer Mamun murder: Three ‘models’ identified as suspects

Nuruzzaman Labu
Published : 23:26, Jul 12, 2018 | Updated : 23:28, Jul 12, 2018

Mamun Imran Khan joined the Bangladesh Police as a sub-inspector in 2005. He was promoted to an inspector in 2015.Investigators say they have identified three female ‘models’ as suspects in the killing of police officer Mamun Imran Khan.
The 38-year-old Special Branch inspector’s partially burned body was found on Tuesday, two days after he went missing from Dhaka.
The same day suspect Rahmat Ullah was arrested from the capital’s Uttara.
Sources familiar with the investigation said Rahmat Ullah said three women, who identified themselves as models, were present in the Banani flat where Mamumn was murdered on Sunday.
The women, who worked as escorts, are also involved in blackmailing their clients, according to investigators.
The identities of the women have been confirmed as Meherun Nesa, who goes by the aliases Afrin and Annafi Afrin, her sister Faria Binte Meem alias Maisha and one Suraiya Aktar Keya.
Detective Branch Deputy Commissioner Khondokar Nurunnabi told Bangla Tribune: “Suspect Rahmat Ullah has provided with the names and details of his accomplices. We are conducting raids to arrest them.”
Investigations revealed that the women are a part of a gang, which used to blackmail people through intimate pictures taken while partying.
Sources confirmed that the women’s male accomplices, who blackmailed and intimidated victims, consists of three former members of a law enforcing force.
A senior Detective Branch officer, asking not to be named, that the male suspects have been identified as Atique, Swapan and Mizan. The trio physically assaulted Inspector Mamun, which led to his death, he said asking not to be named as he was not authorised to brief the media.
Police said Mamun, an amateur actor and Rahmat Ullah, who was involved in showbiz, were acquaintances.
On Sunday, Rahmat Ullah invited Mamun to a birthday party of Meherun Nesa Afrin in the capital’s Banani.
Mamun’s family filed a missing report the next morning and on Tuesday, his body was found at a village in Gazipur.
The Detective Branch, which is in charge of the probe said, soon after the missing report was filed they launched a joint operation with the police and the Special Branch. Based on inputs from phone-tracking the body was traced to Gazipur.
Suspect Rahmat Ullah, however, claimed during interrogation that he was not involved in the killing, rather he was the blackmailers’ target. However, after Mamun was killed, in an attempt to save himself he helped the perpetrators to dump the body.
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