Police want to give OC Moazzem a chance to surrender?

Jamal Uddin
Published : 11:16, Jun 12, 2019 | Updated : 11:22, Jun 12, 2019

Former OC of Feni’s Sonagazi police Moazzem Hossain.The police want to give former OC of Sonagazi thana, Moazzem Hossain, a chance to surrender. Several sources said that Moazzem may surrender at court within one or two days. At the same time, all ports of the country have been alerted to ensure Moazzem does not leave the country. Faxes in this regard have been sent from police HQ to airports.
Assistant police SP Saikul Ahmed Bhuiyan of Sonagazi circle in Feni, said: “One of our teams carried out a drive in OC Moazzem’s home in Jessore, one team is in Dhaka and all steps have been taken to prevent him from leaving the country.”
Hili check post authority in Dinajpur has said that they have received directives from the police.
AIG Sohel Rana (public relations) of the police headquarters, has said: “All measures have been taken to bring OC Moazzem under law.”
Barrister Sayedul Huq Sumon, the plaintiff of the case against Moazzem Hossain, has said: “If OC Moazzem is not arrested by Jun 16 next or if he does not surrender then a writ will be lodged at the High Court.”
On Apr 6 last, a student of a madrasa in Sonagazi, Feni, Nusrat Jahan, was set on fire by delinquents; “in critical condition, she was transferred to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) where she died on Apr 10.”
Earlier, Nusrat’s mother lodged a case against the principal of the Madrasa, Siraj ud Doula, for sexually harassing her daughter. Siraj was then arrested by the police. In that incident, Moazzem recorded Nusrat’s statement in his phone which he circulated on social media.
On Apr 15, Supreme Court lawyer, Barrister Sayedul Huq Sumon lodged a case against Moazzem under the digital act.
On May 27, the court issued an arrest warrant against Moazzem.

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