Satellite fire stations for Dhaka mulled

Bangla Tribune Desk
Published : 19:26, May 25, 2019 | Updated : 19:53, May 25, 2019

DNCC addresses an event titled “How Livable is Dhaka City?” at the National Press Club on Saturday (May 25) PHOTO/Mahmud Hossain OpuDiscussions are underway to set up satellite fire stations that would reduce response time in fire incidents in Dhaka says North city Mayor Atiqul Islam.
He remarks came on Saturday at an event titled “How Livable is Dhaka City?” organized by Nagar Unnayan Sangbadik Forum at the National Press Club, reports media.
“We are discussing and evaluating to see if satellite fire stations can be set up in the city. We are trying to have paramedical teams on hand as well, for fast response during a crisis.
“With this initiative, we could have a fire brigade reach the scene in about ten minutes,” he said.
The mayor also hinted at the possibility of “mini fire stations” and “mini paramedical systems” in each ward in the future.
“The challenges in Dhaka city are multidimensional and solving these issues will require everyone's support,” he said.
He stressed the importance of fire drills in educational institutions, hospitals, and high-rise buildings.
Regarding the transportation crisis, he said bus route rationalization will be completed by December 2020 as all buses hitting the roads will be brought under six companies.
Adil Mohammed Khan, general secretary of Bangladesh Institute of Planners, highlighted many of the issues that make Dhaka near-unlivable.
“A lack of urban planning, unplanned development, as well as weak monitoring by the authorities has led to this situation. There is also an acute lack of coordination between service-providing agencies.”
He mentioned that Dhaka dwellers routinely suffer from: traffic jams, water-logging, unhealthy and risky residential systems, plus a lack of public facilities.
“The proper implementation of existing laws, coordination between service-providing agencies, a decentralization policy, and the timely implementation of plans and projects are a must to improve conditions,” he added.