Do not spread unverified information during Ijtema: RAB

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 16:17, Feb 14, 2019 | Updated : 16:29, Feb 14, 2019

RAB Director General Benazir Ahmed speaking to the media on Thursday (Feb 14).Speaking on the issue of security at the Biswa Ijtema, Director General of RAB, Benazir Ahmed, said, “We will not tolerate anyone’s failure.”
We do not want any untoward or disruptive incident, he stated while talking to the media about security at the Ijtema.
We hope that responsible people at the Ijtema will be bound to the nation and religion and carry out the programme as discussed with the government.
When one group finishes, another group will come, said the RAB boss adding: “There has been a schism over the Ijtema and, therefore, there is an added security concern.”
Addressing the seniors of the Tablig Jamaat, he said: “Hopefully they will not stir up any division.”
The RAB chief also asked the Tablig Jamaat to share any information before reacting on it.
The RAB chief also assured that there will be more CCTV cameras this time and round the clock security will be arranged to ensure safety of foreign guests.
I ask the pilgrims to refrain from paying any heed to gossip; please go to the law enforcers if you hear anything divisive or incendiary, added Benazir.
“The fields have been swept by electronic devices, the dog squad plus drones will be deployed.”
We will be alert and uproot any malicious intent, assured Benazir.