Young girl killed in Motijheel by yaba buddies

Nuruzzaman Labu
Published : 11:30, Feb 05, 2019 | Updated : 13:49, Feb 08, 2019

Athora Akhter Lucy. PHOTO/facebookDMP has said that the young girl, Athora Akhter Lucy was killed by her yaba addicted friends. In this incident, the police arrested a person called Sumon and sent him to court.

Sumon has given a confession stating his involvement in the killing. According to him, Lucy and a few others used to take yaba together and on Jan 24 nights, they raped the girl and killed her. On Jan 28, the police recovered the body.

Lucy used to sell cigarettes and betel leaves with her cousin in front of Miraz Tower in Fakirapul.

Sumon has given a confession stating his involvement in the killing of Lucy.Sumon said that when they were taking yaba together, Lucy asked for a cigarette from Nadim, another person in the group, but Lucy declined.

When Lucy lost her temper and slapped him, Nadim hit her with a brick after which she lost consciousness.

“When we found that she was not moving, we threw her body from the building and fled,” confessed Sumon.

Detectives say that Sumon avoided the rape of the girl. The police think that Lucy was violated by all of them and when Nadim went last she refused and that’s why she was killed.

DB say that others in the yaba taking group, Nadim, Dihan are known in Fakirapul as yaba traders and will be caught soon.