Guards bear the brunt burglary compensation at GTCL

Dipu Sarwar
Published : 04:00, Nov 03, 2018 | Updated : 18:07, Nov 03, 2018

Security guards and patrolmen of Al Arafat Services Limited are having to bear the brunt of a compensation for a burglary which happened almost three years ago at a station of Gas Transmission Company Limited, GTCL.
Already, Tk 34 million has been taken from 485 guards with Tk 2,000 deducted from the salary of each person per month for three years.
The said burglary was committed between Aug1 and Oct 21, 2015.
A GTCL internal probe report stated losses amounting to Tk 7.2, which was later amended to Tk 6.2 million. This money was recovered from Al Arafat Services Limited. Meanwhile, when the case was lodged with the police, the losses were mentioned to be Tk 1 million. No explanation was forthcoming over the discrepancy.
Four persons were arrested in suspicion of being involved in the burglary though without any credible evidence the police suggested the release of all four.
Meanwhile, GTCL, regional in charge Mutahid Billah, says, “The company did not take any money from the security guards.”
Since internal investigation showed negligence on the part of Al Arafat, we deducted money from their salary. He however could not provide any answer as to why a case was lodged when compensation was cut from the payment of the guards.
The aggrieved guards say that more than Tk 30 million was taken from them.