Rings active to leak JSC question papers

Rashid Al Ruhani
Published : 03:30, Nov 02, 2018 | Updated : 19:59, Nov 02, 2018

As the Junior School Certificate and equivalent exams are under way since Nov 1, several rings are active online with the enticement of leaked question papers. Young students are being lured through Facebook and Whatsapp. However, the ministry of education says there’s no chance for question papers to be leaked.
A Facebook account by the name of Neela reportedly says, “The days of facing the torment of exams is over; this is digital Bangladesh, each question paper is tk. 100; my elder brother works at the education board.”
In Whatsapp, enticements of question papers before the exam are being made from 01771773720.
Meanwhile, education minister, Nurul Islam Nahid, said, “Since most acts relating to question paper leaks begin from coaching centres, all such centres will be closed till 15 November.”
Students have to enter the exam hall 30 minutes prior to the stipulated time and 25 minutes before the text, the question paper will be selected by lottery, said the minister and added, “No one will be allowed to use mobile phones within 200 metres of the exam centre.”
“Please do not get involved in the rumour of leaked question papers; revealing the question beforehand is impossible.”
The authority took some firm steps after several question paper leaks last year. Several people were also arrested by law enforcers. This year, the question paper of ‘Gha’ unit of Dhaka University was leaked and the authority ordered a re-taking of the exam.