Found my lost mother in PM: DUCSU VP-elect Nur

Published : 22:45, Mar 16, 2019 | Updated : 23:06, Mar 16, 2019

Newly-elected Dhaka University Central Students Union (DUCSU) Vice-President Nurul Haque Nur has he found his mother, whom he lost at the age of two and an half years old, in face of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
“Seeing her today, I kept looking at her for long. I lost my mother when I was two and an half years old. I have a brother who was only one year old. At first I found my mother in the face of one of my primary teachers. After seeing her (Sheikh Hasina) today, I found my lost mother in her face,” he said.
Nur made the comments when the DUCSU and hall union leaders called on the prime minister at Ganabhaban on Saturday (Mar 16).
Nur, who was deputy secretary of human resources affairs at Haji Mohammed Mohsin Hall unit of Bangladesh Chhatra League, said: “I was not only a worker of Bangladesh Chhatra League but also a minor leader. I joined different programmes of BCL.”
“I saw the leader (Sheikh Hasina) when she went to Dhaka Medical College Hospital Burn Unit during the period of BNP’s “movement”. We kept standing at streets, I saw her from there she was going along the roads by her car. But I could not see her clearly through the black glass. I saw her in television too,” he added.
“In television, we saw her special characteristics that she was taking a baby in her arms and behaving with simplicity like a simple woman. We have listened about her achievements, struggle and movements,” he said.
The Ducsu VP said the greatness and achievements of Bangabandhu are known not only to us but also to the people of the entire world. “Though a person cannot possess all qualities, our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is bearing all qualities of her father,” he added.
The Ducsu VP highly praised Bangladesh’s tremendous development under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina and the Prime Minister has been spearheading development activities to take ahead the country.
“Under her leadership, Bangladesh has become a role model of development in the world. Because of her leadership, she has taken her place among great leaders in the world … she is our loving leader,” Nur said.
He also thanked the premier for inviting the DUCSU and hall union elected leaders to the Ganabhaban.
“She has set an example as the DUCSU election was held after 28 years during her government’s term. She has taken a risk as after post 1990 government did not want to take such a risk,” Nur said.
He said: “Prime Minister logically and sincerely thought that holding of Ducsu election is a right of students and it should be held (at regular interval).”
“The election would not have been held, had she not extended her support to this end. We cannot deny this by any means.”
“Being a student of Dhaka University, I would like to say that the university students never accept any injustice and always remained in favor of justice. Every student of DU will stay with every blissful activity,” he said.
Nur said: “We the elected leaders of DUCSU will extend our cooperation to take ahead the ongoing development activities.”
Terming accommodation crisis as one of the major problems of DU, the Ducsu VP urged the premier to give her kind attention in this regard.
“Probably a project of academic buildings and halls of Dhaka University will be placed in the ECNEC meeting in this month. We expect you to consider it,” he said.
Nur said “We came to know that when any project is placed before ECNEC you used to say “pass, pass, pass.”
“I have some complaints to place before you as I got you. I don’t know when I would get you again,” he said.
The DUCSU VP said “You are apprised of that an unexpected situation was created centering the Quota reforms movement. I think the lacking of those, who were given charge on the issue, led the matter to an unexpected situation”.
“Because, we know you understand the pulse of youths. You have held seminars like “Lets Talks” with youths. So, I think, proper message on the issue was not conveyed to you,” he added.
“When I was a student of Class VI in 2006, I was an office secretary of Chhatra League in my school committee. After got admitted to Dhaka University in 2013-14 session, I was deputy human resources affairs secretary of Haji Mohammed Mohsin Hall unit of BCL,” he said.
Nur said but during the period of Quota reforms movement, there was propaganda against him to level him as an activist of Jamaat-Shibir.
“The prime minister has all information of my entire family. She would have noticed that each member of my family has AL background. I think because of the failure of the then BCL, the unexpected thing took place. I think you would properly monitor such issues as there should not be any information gap,” he said.
After the speech, the DUSCU VP gave salam to the prime minister by touching her legs and sat beside her on the dais.