Easiest Fish Tikia

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Published : 17:24, Jul 03, 2018 | Updated : 17:25, Jul 03, 2018

Pangash is a very common fish, everywhere this fish is available.  This is almost a boneless fish. So it is easy to cut and cook. But due to its strong stinky smell almost 40 percent people doesn’t like this fish. Change the cooking system, make tikia or kabab of it.  It will take around 40 minutes and too easy to make.


Pangash fish- 1 kg(without head and tail)

Chickpea /gram – 250 gram

Ginger and garlic paste- 1TBS  

Chopped Green pepper – 1 TBS

Mint leaf- half cup (this is the main ingredient, which remove the oily smell of Pangash)

Cumin powder – half T spoon

Corn flour/ rice flour – 1 TBS

Salt- According to taste

Process- Cleanse the fish properly and  boil  with chickpea or gram, added  garlic and ginger paste and salt. Then remove bone from fish, and mix , green pepper, mint leaf, cumin powder, cornflour  altogether.  Give a shape of tikia then fry it in deep oil.

Serve with sauce as snacks or u can serve with polau too.