No degrees or experience just a 500-word essay for the job!

Bangla Tribune Report
Published : 23:00, May 16, 2019 | Updated : 23:13, May 16, 2019

Logo of JahajiJobs in Bangladesh have become hard to get with the competition of CGPA, public and private university and the cornucopia of experience the companies require from fresh graduates that often border on ridiculous.
But guess what? A new start up — ‘Jahaji’ — is in town and they are hiring! What might you ask is different about this?
Well these are what you DON’T need to apply for the job: CGPA, certificates and experiences. In fact, you don’t need a degree at all!
All you need to do is write a 500-word essay on why you think you are eligible for the job. Well don’t just write it, send it to them at or with your Facebook or Linkd In profile and a scanned copy of your NID. Applications are open till May 17.
You must, however, be ready to pack your bags for Khulna if you do get the job.
Jahaji, a Technology Services Provider in maritime industry is the first and inland water transport management solution in Bangladesh.
They are looking to hire one female ‘Executive of First Impression’ which is basically a front desk executive, a ‘Top Secret Officer,’ for managing the company’s data and one Visual Storyteller aka graphics designer.
Speaking to Bangla Tribune about the unusual job circular, Jahaji CEO Kajal Abdullah said  they want people to come out of the often misunderstood concept that good academic results equal to a good skill set.
“I have personally worked in international organisations and seen that when it comes to hiring, the priority is skills and values over experience,” he said.
Abdullah, also one of the co-founders, is of the opinion that without skills, "CGPAs are just numbers and certifiacte a piece of paper".
On queries about how they will measure skills, co-founder Abhinandan Jotdar said, “If you notice our circulars you’ll see a small list on what we’ll test the applicants on.”
“We’ll get an idea about them based on their 500-word essay,” he added.
“Let’s say a person has applied for the post of visual storyteller. We’ll test them on their adobe platform skills and see how fast they can provide a quality output.”
Both the founders said that as long as the person has the basic skills, the rest they are willing to teach!
For more details visit their Facebook page.